The Medford Lakes Fire Department started in 1957 as an arm of Civil Defense. This organization provided supplemental fire protection for Medford Lakes while acting as a social organization.

 On October 4, 1965 the Medford Lakes Borough Council passed Resolution No. 70-65 which established the Medford Lakes Volunteer Fire Department. This resolution formalized the fire service organization.

 The Volunteer Fire Department worked in conjunction with Union Fire Company of Medford. Union was still responsible for the primary fire suppression duties within the Borough of Medford Lakes. 

In 1973, Borough Council recognized that it would be assuming full fire protection of the municipality in the near future. The growth of Medford Township made it increasingly difficult for Union to assume fire protection for Medford Lakes while delivering protection to their own town.

Based on this premise, the Borough hired an architect to design a firehouse and in 1974 the firehouse was constructed.

On May 29, 1975 Medford Lakes Borough Ordinance No. 120 created the Medford Lakes Fire Department. From this point on, the Medford Lakes Fire Department assumed full fire protection responsibilities for Medford Lakes.