***2 ALARM BUILDING FIRE 2/17/2013***

Post date: Feb 27, 2013 3:28:47 PM

    The Medford Lakes Fire Department was dispatched for a building fire in the Ironstone Village Center in Medford Twp. at approximately 2AM on a cold Sunday morning. Crews from the Medford Lakes Fire Department working along with other neighboring departments made good efforts to extinguish the blaze and it was placed under control after a short amount of time. Crews from Medford Lakes were on scene for approximately 4 hours.

The scene moments after the arrival of the first responding units.

Medford Lakes Tender3716 supplying water to Medford units.

Medford Lakes Tender3716 being refilled by Indian Mills Engine 2812. before returning to the scene.

Medford Lakes firefighters taking a break after the fire was placed under control.